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2 years ago



ANN History I'm Ann, Tony and his wife want to say about Tony and I met and what is between the beautiful and says Arthur. Tony later relate their experiences with his former love, Edna. , Tony visited the hospital when I met him. He immediately took me out and invited him to leave. It was Christmas 20 years ago and we had some nice bars and restaurants meetings. I suspected that Tony was still a virgin, as so shy and unwilling to each initiative, our relationship was going. On New Year's Eve sleeping in the downstairs room in the house of Tony's parents. We had to drink a bit this afternoon and we were both very playful. I just go after the new year, while Tony went to his bed room upstairs. Timer 2 to say that he knocked on my door, I could not sleep because of his feelings for me. One thing led to another and ended up making love three times in an hour. It was the best sex I had seen Tony ejaculates prematurely eachThe time and I was able to have an orgasm. We liked each other to marry when, within months, 6. I did not have much experience in sex. I had slept with two other companions since leaving school. The first was Ron, who was studying for his kuntfutube A- levels. There were some condoms kuntfutube and I thought, "What the hell " lets do it. It was not long with him either, and I was surprised that all that heavy breathing could produce a small drop of semen. The second type is a student Faroque India. We had drunk away and separate the ground floor apartment which I shared with my roommate. I could not even get an erection kuntfutube that night but the next morning, "Wow !" Our body woke my roommate, who has never had a true friend and she became very, but what he saw there. Then, totally out of place, she joined the cast in her nightgown kuntfutube and our shit. We both Shagged silly. That was the last we saw of Faroque in the flesh. His image hasappear later in the national newspaper for several years with his wife and newborn triplets. Cause kuntfutube 'was small, well balanced and had a nice ass that havereceived a series of deals to go to bed for the past 20 years, mainly doctors and nurses lascivious kuntfutube youth. I used a hell of a joke at parties all the kissing in the eye and take the size of his manhood was different each time, but never slept with one of them. But it was different with Arthur. I believed him, and I know the feeling was mutual, so " What the hell do," he said. I did not realize this, as it was a kuntfutube crackling chemistry between Tony and Edna, who was bound to end fuck each other. I just wanted to first. Arthur was a big change. I loved his voice, elegant and beautiful hands, large and soft. On the night of his visit, I went upstairs with Arthur, supposedly dedicated to the website of the brief career of my grandfather's eyesra parents sing, but really in a bedroom. I chose the quietest place in the kitchen with its large double, old - the bed with a metal frame. We sat in bed and complained of the frame. "Too late to change rooms now," thought I just did not have time. I took off my top and pants, and Arthur took his sweater and pants. We were close to each other in their underwear. Arthur gently stroked the area between the thighs and leagues. Bud shook my Cockhead as his hand slid on my underwear breaking the labial folds. He received a very sensitive clitoris tenderness that makes me groan. Your penis is projected through the slit in his underwear like a tower. I wanted to lick the sperm kuntfutube shining helmet and run my tongue around the glans greedy, but again it was time to close. The actions needed now. He undid her bra and pulled the front of my braces pantheon. He pointed to the sudden intake of breath when I saw my wet pubic triangle. He touched my swollen clit untilmoaned again the rattle of a bed frame. "Sit down and I ask," he
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